Original Fish and Chips, Inc. 410-335-0004 - "English style batter dipped seafood and more."
Markopoulos Family At Original Fish and Chips 2007Original Fish and Chips only the Best in the World!Andy Knows "Fish and Chips".
"Fish and Chips" are a natural to Andy and His family.
The Story begins in 1920, when Andy's Grandfather Tony Markopoulos, a Greek Immigrant, came to the U.S. and joined the US Navy.  After serving for several years, he returned to his birthplace, Chios Greece to marry his wife Irene.
 In 1929, Tony made his way back to the U.S.A. and to the docks of Erie, Pa where he opened his first restaurant, "Tony's Fish Lunch".
With Lake Erie at his door step, there would be no better place to catch and serve up the best "Fish and Chips" (fries).  Tony's Fish Lunch Restaurant became a famous destination as it thrived on Lake Erie for 43 years serving the best steaks and seafood in Erie, Pa.

Tony Markopoulos - Behind Tonys Fish Lunch standing next to his "Victory"
 1934 Automobile.  Notice the Fish on his Fork.  He knew Fish better than anyone in Erie, Pa. Specializing in Seafood and Steaks.  

Tony Markopoulos 1920
Tony's Restaurant Erie, Pa 1929 My Grandfather Tony
Tony's Restaurant Erie, Pa. 1941 Erie's Finest Seafood Restaurant
In 1955, Tony's son Nick joined the successful restaurant operation and in 1962, Nick took over the business.  Fish and Chips (fries) were a natural to Nick who was involved in his father's restaurant at a very early age.  In 1965 Nick purchased "Ryder's on the Bay", another full service restaurant directly across the street from Tony's Restaurant.  Nick had a virtual monopoly with the only 2 restaurants at Erie's Docks.  Nick soon realized that everyone loved his Fish and Chips (fries).  By 1970, the economy in Erie had deteriorated so Nick began seeking out other opportunities.  Since his experience was geared towards seafood, he sought out an up and coming fast food franchise called "Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips" which at the time had only a few locations nationwide. 
Arthur Treacher and Nick Markopoulos 1976 Baltimore Maryland - Home of ATFC Financal Corp. 12 Arthur Treacher Store FranchiseArthur Treacher's in Towson, Maryland 1972 Owner Nick MarkopoulosIn 1972 , after 43 years of hard work, Nick sold both restaurants in Erie, Pa, and moved to Cockeysville, Md. where he and his family purchased Maryland's first Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips Franchise Store.  The first Maryland Location was in the heart of Towson, Md.  Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips became the nation's largest quick service Seafood Restaurant Chain with over 980 Locations.  Andy, age 12 at the time, worked in the chain stores with his brother Tony age 13, on weekends and summers helping to grow the business. At the age of 15, Andy was involved in training managers for the multiple store locations and would eventually manage  his own location at 20 years old.
Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips 1977 Cockeysville, MD
In 1984, with 12 Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chip Locations in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Delaware Metro area and 980 locations nationwide, Nick sold the business and retired. Andy graduated from Towson State University in 1983 with his degree in Business Administration and went on to open and run several small businesses.  He then became involved in the Banking and Brokerage industries representing several top banks and insurance companies working as a Financial Consultant. 
     Andy has spent the last 30 years researching and perfecting the process of making the finest "Olde English Fish and Chips".   He has mastered the  "Secret Batter" that was once famous throughout the U.S. and England.  In April of 2007, after many years, Andy and his family opened Olde English Fish, Chips and Chicken, Inc. in Middle River, MD.  In 2013, a new location in Ocean City, Md. was opened in the New Town Center at 67th St. Center Features the "MidTown Boardwalk of Ocean City, Md.  
 The Restaurant prides itself on serving the finest English Style "Fish and Chips" cooked in a Peanut Oil blend (0 trans fat, 0 cholesterol) and has expanded their menu to include:  Crab cakes, Shrimp, Chicken, Clam Strips, Salads, Hushpuppies, Smoothies, Tacos,  and much more. 
Original Fish and Chips 105 Middle River, Md 21220  Baltimore's Best Fish and Chips
 If you miss the best Fish and Chips served up just like long ago, this is the place you should try.  Enjoy your fish and chips "British Style" with a splash of Malt Vinegar.
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